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Wellness Brands rooted in Africa

Our philosophy around wellness is all about connecting you to where you are and where you are from.

The way we weave the influence of the African culture, landscape, scents into our creations makes them unique, timeless and respectful of the people and the environment.


The Spirit of KEBE

Authentic. Unique. Simple.


"Ask what makes you come alive, and go for it. Because what the world need is people who have come alive."


Making you feel good, feel alive is central to our purpose.


KEBE is an inspiring lifestyle universe, a place you can turn to whenever you need inspiration to infuse life into your life.

Each of our brands has a mission to build, protect and nurture, daily and sustainably, your everyday moments in the quest of wellbeing.


As a brand that celebrates people above all, we build bridges connecting perspectives, culture, and individuals from around the globe.

We embark you into a world where community and collaboration are key words. We make you part of a journey where our products, our services and our initiatives create societal impact and improve people's lives.


We want our work to change the world. We want to create work for hundreds and dreams for millions.

Welcome to the Tribe!

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The Brand

People with Purpose

Our purpose is clear:  we exist to Build, Protect and Nurture, the everyday moments to create a world where you feel good.

We admire and create with and for people who inspire change in the world.

We work with artisans, engineers and creatives all sharing the same values, energy. They are at the heart of what we do. They are highly skilled and combine their knowledge to create the uniqueness of our brands. 



Fighting for a fairer society and healthier planet

The Covid Pandemic has shown strong connection between a healthy world and healthy people, a connection that will only deepen as people are more keen to change their lifestyles. 

We make responsible choices to protect the ecosystem and to be fair and inclusive as an employer, as a manufacturer or as a community member. 

Our Values..

Leadership Behaviours

Our values are words to live by, words defining our leadership. They capture the essence of the ideal Kebe team player:

being humble, hungry, smart and creative.

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I didn't create the brand, the brand created me...


KEBE is born because I wanted to provide an alternative that make senses. From a young age, I have always been fascinated watching artists, artisans, industrials creating products that will be used by hundreds, thousands, millions of people.

KEBE is my atelier, where I want to champion those who use the beauties of the world to create unique things that elevate 

people's life, those that change the minds that change the world.

Aiming for singularity and originality, I want to articulate unique and authentic stories because for me luxury is not a price but an experience, a tailored experience...

I hope KEBE can be a source of inspiration for anyone who love beautiful things.

Get inspired.

Xx, Manuela Kamadjou


Meet our Founder..

Meet the Founder

They talk about us..

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Canal +, Emission START-UP, Mars 2022

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HER Beauty Magazine, December 2021

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Lionesses of Africa, Juillet 2021

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Instants africains, Août 2021

Capture d’écran 2021-09-24 à 00.37.20.png

Le Club des Cotonettes, Mars 2020

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Ici Cemac, Août 2021

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Les Dirigeantes, Mai 2021


Our Showroom..

Give the gift of creativity

Our showroom is for people looking for designer objects, by offering authentic, unique and singular pieces: from everyday objects to unusual objects. Tableware, decoration, art of living, furniture, and exceptional pieces: so many ways to embellish everyday moments with a touch of African crafts.

It is also a place where we can brainstorm on your bespoke interiors, products and branding projects. 

Contact us



+237 695 555 992

Visit us

Douala | Rue des pavés 308B

(50m de la petite Métisse)

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

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